I’m taking a creative approach to selling coffee. I developed a mobile gourmet/organic coffee bus.  I sell coffee to people at outdoor events such as festivals, parks and stadiums. My delicious coffee comes from fair trade Uganda which is my gourmet and I also sale 100% organic which is Coffee, Latte, Hot Chocolate and Tea.  I love what I do and I truly enjoy meeting new people. 

Mojo Express has worked hard to build a great reputation and unique beverages. My next dream is to expand my business and hire employees. I want to purchase more vehicles and open a gourmet/organic and more coffee shop. In 2010 I needed a loan to start my business, but I was recently out of bankruptcy and no one would fund me. Luckily someone told me about Accion. Even with my financial history they managed to work with me and believed in my idea- they gave me a loan to get started.  Without their help, I would have never got Mojo Express off the ground and I truly grateful!

Success Story Subtitle: 
“Luckily, Someone Told Me About Accion”

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