Top 5 Home Businesses for 2017

Working from home is hotter than ever, especially for women balancing kids, family life, and many other obligations. You get the perks of owning your own business plus the perks of flexibility when it comes to your family life.


But some businesses are easier to run from home than others – and current business trends favor some businesses over others. So, what home-based businesses look set for success in 2017?


Let’s take a look at which home-based small businesses will be profitable and in-demand in 2017. Plus, we’ll include links on how to get started on each one.


1. Freelance Copywriter

If you love to write, then freelance copywriting may be the at-home business to explore. There are thousands of companies out there that are always on the hunt for top copywriters. Assignments could include writing copy for or editing content on websites, online magazines, print advertisements, or blogs.


Copywriters are often paid by the hour or the word, so you can control your schedule, as well as how many projects you accept. Some home-based copywriters parlay a part-time side job into a full-time thriving business.


Learn more about the copywriting business here at the Well Fed Writer.


2. Social Media Consultant

Social media has taken over the world and it’s not going anywhere. Even the most tech-adverse businesses are learning that having a strong, vibrant social media presence is key to wooing customers, making contacts, and growing their businesses.


These companies will pay for consultants to help them create content for their social media platforms, court new followers, and learn how to use social media to expand their brand. Put your social media savvy to work – these brands know how valuable their social presence is and you can make great money if you can show actual growth.


If you pick up enough clients, you may even want to start hiring out some of your work to other folks, like freelance copywriters to handle the copy for your posts. That frees up your time to focus on high-level strategy and carefully track your metrics.


Learn more here about How to Start Your Own Social Media Business.


3. Childcare Services / In-Home Day Care

As more families have two parents who work outside the home, the need for high-quality, reliable childcare will continue to grow. If you love children, then starting a home-based business that provides childcare services may be your dream job. You may be caring for your own children anyway, so this is almost like an extension of your own family!


Home-based childcare services can run the gamut from very small operations to huge in-home daycares. A childcare service may mean early mornings, late nights, and a lot of mess and noise, so start small. Taking care of other people’s kids can be a lot different than taking care of your own – they may have different household rules, different temperaments, and different behavioral problems. Take on just a few children at a time until you’re confident that you can handle more (and that you want to). No matter the size of your operation, make sure you’re in line with all of your local laws (you may need first aid training, sexual abuse training, and special licensing, for example).


Learn more here at Starting a Family Daycare. and How to Offer Childcare Services.


4. Virtual Assistant (VA)

The Internet has opened up the scope of many traditional fields, including administrative work. Virtual assistants perform administrative tasks and assistance online for remote clients. Virtual assistants may conduct research, handle accounting, run and maintain websites, manage social media, sort and answer email – among varied other tasks.


Virtual assistants work remotely. In other words, you can work from home, a coffee shop, a hotel, or anywhere else with an internet connection. You may have just one full-time client or a number of part-time clients, depending on their needs and your abilities.


Learn more here at Starting a Virtual Assistant Business. To connect with others or explore VA opportunities, visit The International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA).


5. Non-Medical Elder Care Business

Just as the need for childcare services will continue to grow, so will the need for elder care services. The aging of the Baby Boomer generation means that a greater number of older people will need services for themselves or for their aging family members.


This is not the same thing as a nursing home or a medical assistant position – it’s just about helping older folks with their day-to-day lives. Lots of elderly people want to stay home in their old age, but need help doing things like cleaning, cooking, or running errands. You’ll need to check with your local authorities to determine whether that kind of work requires a license and what the boundaries are – helping with bathing, for example, may require special training or a license.


Technically, you’re not always working from home since you’re working in their homes. However, this is a business with booming demand that you can run from your own home.


Learn more here at How to Start a Non-Medical Senior Care Business.


Home Is Where the Work Is

In 2017, you just plain don’t have to work in an office to be successful. You can have the flexibility and comfort of working in your home, which can make balancing family life easier. Working from home also helps cut down on your business costs – no need to pay rent on an office! These 5 types of home-based businesses are in high demand right now, so this is a great time to set up that home office and get to work!


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