Tools for Women-Owned Businesses

Women-owned small businesses are vital to the US economy as well as the health of local communities. In fact, women are founding businesses at 2.5 times the national rate. That means there are a lot of resources out there to help all you women entrepreneurs achieve your dreams!


Small Business Majority, Accion and women’s business organizations across the country hosted a Women’s Small Business Month webinar for women entrepreneurs. Featured speakers include Felena Hanson, founder of HeraHub, and Dina Grossman, Co-Owner of Spinning J. Check out this webinar that provides education and resources on issues impacting women entrepreneurs, including access to capital, marketing and building a scalable business.



There are a number of organizations that seek to specifically help women-owned businesses out. In this article, we’ll take a look at the programs offered by the Small Business Majority, Accion, and the government. Check out some of the resources they offer that can help your business succeed!


Small Business Majority

Small Business Majority is an education and advocacy organization founded and run by small business owners. They have nine locations across the country and offer programs to help women-owned businesses get financing, business education, and more. They also publish the Small Business Monthly, which focuses on vital day-to-day issues affecting small businesses, including access to funding, workforce, healthcare, taxes, and other key issues.


Here’s a quick look at a couple of the programs they offer for women entrepreneurs – click on the links for more detailed info!


  • Small Business Majority Access to Capital Resources: This interactive portal helps small business entrepreneurs navigate the funding landscape, which can be complicated and tough for new entrepreneurs to break into. The portal helps women entrepreneurs connect with funding sources and programs so they can get the capital they need to get started or grow.
  • Small Business Majority Workshops and Webinars: Presentations, workshops, and webinars regarding small business skills and leadership. The in-person events are held all over the country, so you have the opportunity to go and mix with experts and other entrepreneurs going through the same startup process as you!


Accion is a non-profit microlender that supports small business owners during every phase of the entrepreneurial process. One important focus of Accion is to provide small business owners with needed funding to get their businesses off the ground. Accion provides funding in the form of microloans; which are often easier for small business owners to qualify for than traditional bank loans. These microloan programs have enabled thousands of new business owners to take the plunge as CEO of their own small companies. In particular, Accion does a lot of work with women-owned businesses and minority-owned businesses, which often have a harder time getting funding than other startups.


In addition to providing funding in the form of microloans, Accion also provides business resources, education, and workshops and events to its entrepreneurs. Accion supports all small business; but is invested in expanding, supporting, and funding the role of women, veterans, and minority groups in the entrepreneurial field.


Here’s a quick look at some of the tools Accion can offer women-owned businesses (and other entrepreneurs). For more detailed info, click on the links!


  • Accion Business Resources: Accion maintains a curated free library of online articles and videos for small business entrepreneurs. Categories range from credit building to marketing to small business financing, and everything in between.
  • Accion Workshops and Events: Accion hosts and organizes frequent nation-wide training sessions, social events, and networking opportunities for aspiring and existing small business entrepreneurs. For more information or to register, visit the link above.

Government Programs

The federal government offers some programs aimed at supporting small businesses. One of the most important is the set-aside program, in which the government dedicates a certain percentage of its contracts to small, private businesses. Some of those programs are specifically aimed at minority- and women-owned businesses.


Who Runs The World?

Women entrepreneurs are the key drivers of US entrepreneurship today. Women are starting up businesses at 2.5 times the national rate. And many of these women-owned businesses are headed by women of color. In fact, in recent years, the number of businesses led by women of color has grown by up to 300%.


Not only are women-owned businesses booming, they also have the potential to be more successful than homogenous, male-run companies. Studies indicate the companies with gender and racial diversity perform better than their small business peers without such diversity.


In other words, women-owned businesses are good for the economy, the community, and (of course) the women in charge. So take the plunge and start your own business!


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