Seed Chicago

Seed Chicago is Accion’s curated Kickstarter page for businesses based in Illinois and Northwest Indiana. Piloted in 2013, and funded through a grant from MillerCoors, Seed Chicago uses Kickstarter’s online crowdfunding platform to highlight local, impactful small business and community development projects that create jobs and economic growth in Chicago’s neighborhoods.


Seed Chicago projects benefit from aggregated attention as part of a curated page, which Kickstarter notes improves success rates. Seed Chicago project owners receive one-on- one coaching throughout the process and receive personalized assistance in the ideation, creation, and implementation of their project. In addition, Seed Chicago projects have access to a variety of planning and management tools developed by Accion, as well as opportunities to collaborate with other Seed Chicago participants throughout the project campaigns to share ideas and lessons learned.


Seed Chicago is a direct result of the Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs, developed by World Business Chicago (WBC) at the request of Mayor Rahm Emanuel last year in order to accelerate Chicago’s economic growth. A central plan strategy is to nurture neighborhoods and foster continuous development of local talent, business and real estate assets. Seed Chicago is one of the tools the City of Chicago and WBC uses for financing businesses and organizations within Chicago neighborhoods.


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Click here to download the Project Owner Packet. This is the first step in understanding the Seed Chicago program and how a Kickstarter project on our curated page could benefit your business or community organization.


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