Samuel Adams Basic Principles of Design Webinar

So you’ve got your food or beverage product and (perhaps also) your brand identity built – that is great! You’re on the right path. So now, how should it look on the shelf?


How your food or beverage product looks has a lot to do with whether the consumer pulls it off the shelf. Getting your label and design together can seem overwhelming. We want to demystify how label design is approached by showing you the basicprinciplesand strategya good designer should use to strategically build your label using your identity and selling a story. If it is done right you should be able to tell your story visually to everyone who encounters your product.


Together we will explore all the basicprinciplesand strategies that successful products employ and will help you to think about how you can use some of them for your product.This webinar is for food and beverage small business owners.


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