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Accion is a nonprofit organization striving to bring economic opportunity and access to financing to small business owners in Imperial, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego. Through business support services and loans ranging from $300 to $75,000, Accion strengthens the roots of emerging entrepreneurs and helps them to thrive in their communities, creating social and economic change. Accion has an active portfolio totaling more than $5 million and over 600 active clients in Southern California.

Partner with Us!

For more than 20 years, Accion has become one of the leading economic development organizations meeting the needs of the local business community. Accion enables clients to increase their inventory, buy equipment or raw materials, and pursue new business opportunities. Accion creates access to jobs for local business owners by providing support and access to capital.


The organization also helps entrepreneurs build favorable credit histories and improve their business skills through training events. All of Accion’s events are specially tailored toward the needs and questions of small business owners and entrepreneurs.


Accion works strategically with local partners and nonprofit organizations to support main street businesses, from restaurants and retail shops to home-based daycares and web based businesses.


For more information on partnering with Accion, contact Valery Belloso at 619.795.7250 Ext. 404,