How We Make a Difference


Accion believes that thriving small businesses are the foundation for a strong local economy. Our program ensures that entrepreneurs have access to the tools they need to start or grow their businesses and remain sustainable in the current economy.


Our client base reflects Southern California’s rich diversity. Approximately 60 percent of Accion’s borrowers identify as part of an ethnic minority group, and more than 40 percent of our clients are women. Both of these groups have historically faced barriers in obtaining business financing from traditional sources such as banks and credit unions. Accion is proud to provide a flexible lending opportunity for these hard-working entrepreneurs.


By providing loans ranging in size from $300-$75,000, we enable our borrowers to increase their inventory, buy equipment or raw materials, and pursue new business opportunities. We also help entrepreneurs build favorable credit histories and improve their business skills through training events.


Our 2016 Impact

  • 248 Loans Disbursed
  • $3,542,641 Loaned
  • 200 New Businesses Served with Loans
  • 68% of Clients Served were Low-to-Moderate income
  • $5,789,185 Active Loan Portfolio
  • 746 Active Clients
  • $14,285 Average Loan Size


Cumulative Totals to Date

  • 2,671 Businesses Served
  • 3,941 Loans Disbursed
  • $30,449,633 Loaned


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