Financial Health

We are pleased to announce that we have been recognized as a 2017 Financial Health Leader within the CFSI Financial Health Network.

Financial Health Leaders are organizations within the CFSI network that are at the forefront of financial health measurement and show their commitment to consumer financial health by taking concrete steps toward measuring the financial health of their customers.

Many of Accion’s clients cite a desire to achieve financial stability as their number one motivation for starting a business. We know that access to capital is just one element of that journey.

– Gina Harman, CEO, Accion U.S. Network

What is Financial Health?

Being physically healthy means that your everyday decisions and the resources you have available to you (like a grocery store, gym membership or health care) allow you to function comfortably and help you fight off illness. Financial health is similar, in that the financial resources available to you and how you use them can help you meet your needs, achieve evolving goals, and overcome a financial emergency.


At Accion, we believe that access to capital is just one element of an entrepreneur’s journey toward greater financial stability and business success. That’s why we provide services like financial advising, online resources, workshops and networking events in addition to loans. It’s also why we’re always looking to understand how we can better serve you as a business owner, including how we can support your financial health.