Converting Prospects to Sales

You may have a ton of people visiting your website or store and that’s great – but it’s not enough to get people in the door. You need them to actually make a purchase! When you turn a prospect into a sale, it’s called a “conversion” and it’s the goal of your business.


So how do you make the sale? These 10 tactics can help.


1. Engage Prospects With Questions

When you pose a question to your sales prospects, it starts a dialogue and requires an answer. The question can be simple – even just asking if they have any questions about a product they’re looking at.


By opening up with questions, you begin communication with your sales prospect which may turn into an ongoing relationship. Questions also allows you to get a read on what it is important to that customer, as well as learning what they think of your products or services. Even if this sale doesn’t go through, this specific information can help you make future sales with other prospects.


If you’re running an online business, you obviously can’t walk up to your prospects and ask them a question. You can, however, easily program your website so that a window pops up after a few minutes asking if the prospect needs any help. Those types of setups usually involve a chat program connected to customer service so they can answer questions in real time.


2. Create a Sense of Urgency

It’s a common sales tactic to apply pressure by creating a sense of urgency for your sales prospect. And it’s common because it works.


One way to increase the sales pressure is by setting a deadline. You can either set a deadline on a “special” price or product offer, or set a deadline to reply to an email regarding services. Whichever tactic you use, this sense of urgency may be enough to help close reluctant prospects. No one wants to feel like they missed out on a great deal just because they were too slow!


3. Stay in Touch With Your Prospects

One of the best sales tactics is to maintain contact with your sales prospects. You can stay in the back of their minds and when they’re ready to buy, there you’ll be!


There are several ways to stay in touch with your sales prospects. Email lists, newsletters, or social media are all ways to maintain contact with your sales prospects. Pick the sales tactic which works best for you, your budget, and your products, but be consistent.


4. Keep Tabs on Social Media

Hubspot reports that social salespeople have 22% more sales than non-social salespeople. Social media platforms are excellent ways to find out about potential sales prospects’ likes, dislikes, interests, and buying habits. By following trends on social media, you can identify key prospects and use that knowledge to create targeting pitches. Social media tools like Buffer can help analyze user data to help focus on key demographics.


Social media also gives you a great way to reach out to prospects with news, promotions, and other important information that may push them over the edge into a conversion. In addition, many platforms now offer ads with one-click purchasing – making it that easy is a great way to build conversions.


5. Develop Trust

If you develop trust with your sales prospects, then they will be more likely to buy from you. One time-tested way to build trust for your brand and products is through social proof. By showing that your brand is trusted, your prospects will be more likely to feel inclined to spend their money with you. Encourage your loyal customers to write positive reviews and share them via Yelp or social media so that prospective buyers know that purchasing your product will be money well spent.


We don’t trust advertising because it’s in brands’ best interests to present themselves in the best light possible. But we trust other people because we feel like they don’t have a reason to lie. Great reviews are a lot more likely to lead to a conversion than an impersonal ad.


6. Offer Discounts or Free Merchandise

Free gifts and discounts can help make future sales. Even small free gifts with purchase or one-time discounts can have an impact on converting prospective customers into active buyers. The social power of a gift can make a prospective buyer feel like they are compelled to return the favor by buying something. Prospects are also more likely to buy if they feel like they’re getting something for free, because that makes it seem like a really good deal.


7. Give Them All the Information They Need

This is particularly important for online companies, where customers don’t always feel like they have easy access to employees to answer their questions. A simple FAQ page is a great way to give basic information about your products and services, return or exchange policies, contact information, and other details a prospective customer might want to know.


No one wants to make a blind purchase and offering this information up front is a great way to help prospects feel more comfortable with your company. And that makes them more likely to convert.


8. Ask For the Sale

Don’t be afraid to ask for their business. It’s a common mantra in sales, “You have to ask for the sale.” That doesn’t mean saying, “Will you please buy this thing?” It’s a little more subtle. Engage a customer in conversation and once you’re talking about the product, ask if they’d like you to set it aside at the register while they continue shopping. Help them feel like the sale is already made and they’ve already decided to buy.


Online, you can set up your site to send prompts to customers with items in their carts. Remind them to go ahead and make the purchase!


The key here is to make your customer feel committed, not pressured. It takes some practice, but it’s an extremely powerful tactic.


9. Let Everyone Know About Your Customer Service

We run into so many companies anymore that don’t seem to care about our business. When we run into great customer service, we’re a lot more likely to buy. So make sure your customer service game is on point – you’re a lot more likely to make a sale through friendly and knowledgeable employees than cranky ones.


In addition, make sure to use the internet to let people know how much you care about customer service. When you get a good review, answer it and thank them. When you get a bad review, answer it and offer to make it right and ask how you can do better.


10. Prompt Follow-Up

Sometimes all it takes to get a conversion is a quick follow-up. This is a little tougher with brick-and-mortar stores; you’ll need to find a way to collect email addresses from potential customers. But for online stores, it’s fairly common for people to give email addresses. That means you can check in with them shortly after they visit your site to remind them that you exist and push them toward a sale. And you can set that up to work automatically so you don’t have to track every visitor!


Sell, Baby, Sell

Converting your prospects into sales is a matter of communication, common sense sales tactics, and engagement with your prospective customer base. You just have to show your prospects that you have something they need – and that you’re better than the alternatives.


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