Accion Financial Wellness Center

Eager to strengthen your financial health? 

Accion knows that access to trusted financial education and advice can be very hard to come by, especially if you’re short on time or money. That’s why Accion is proud to welcome entrepreneurs across the country to the Financial Wellness Center, an online home for all your financial education needs.


Think of the Financial Wellness Center as a gym for your financial health – whether you just want a quick tune-up or a deeper dive into getting financially healthy, the FWC can serve your needs. Housing dozens of quick, 3 to 5-minute sessions on topics such as credit scores, savings accounts, and budgeting, the FWC gives you an opportunity to customize your workout plan and get financially healthy in the way that’s right for you.


The FWC offers three comprehensive playlists, each of which offers multiple quick financial health sessions. Simply choose from the available playlists, or take a short quiz to get a playlist personalized to your goals. You’re in control of your own financial health, and you’re in control of how you learn in the FWC, too.

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