FedEx and Accion are working together to connect entrepreneurs with the capital and knowhow they need to build a better future. Through two exciting projects – one in the U.S. and one in Colombia, FedEx and Accion are helping small business owners overcome barriers to success, increase their incomes and create jobs for themselves and others in their communities.

In the U.S.

With support from FedEx, Accion is working to build capacity among its 16 lending offices to meet the challenges facing today’s small business owners. This means investing in the technology needed to increase the reach of lending services, therefore putting more entrepreneurs on a path to success.


The majority of Accion client businesses in the U.S. increase their revenue and create 2-3 new jobs as early as one year after receiving a loan. Businesses with employees at the time of their loan create approximately 5 new jobs in the following year.

In Colombia

In 2016, FedEx launched a two-year initiative with Accion in Colombia to create a digital version of Accion’s award-winning Dialogue on Business (DOB) program, which aims to ensure that the working poor have the skills they need to succeed in their enterprises and support greater economic livelihoods. The new format focuses particularly on women entrepreneurs in peri-urban and semi-rural areas who struggle to attend in-person business trainings.


The digital DOB will be accessible to women entrepreneurs wherever they are, and content will be designed to help a low income, low-literacy audience gain the skills necessary to earn a living through business ownership.


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