Skilled Business Owner Pays It Forward In Her Community


There’s one hair salon in the Englewood community that’s not only focused on hair. Owner of Altogether Lovely, Demetria Hayden, has transformed her hair salon into a hub that provides programs and workshops for young people throughout her community. Through these workshops, Demetira has created a salon that builds confidence for and empowers aspiring entrepreneurs.

My workshops bring together different organizations, like my partnership with the Chicago Police Department. Together, we are able to offer skills and resources that will impact the futures of young girls in our neighborhood. ~ Demetria Hayden

Demetria has been a hairstylist for more than thirty years and developed her own line of hair care products. She has always worked hard to make sure that her employees have opportunities to grow their skills. Several of them began working with her as teenagers, and they still work alongside her almost twenty years later.


Demetria’s impact doesn’t stop at her employees, though. For the past three years, she has been hosting free cosmetology workshops during Spring Break for girls in Englewood. In the past, Demetria covered all of the expenses from the workshops out of her own pocket. This year, with the help of a sponsorship from the Chicago Police Department, Demetria was able to increase the capacity for this year’s workshop. In March 2017, she hosted a three-day workshop for twenty teenage girls, her largest workshop to date. During the workshop, girls worked on their braiding skills, learned about developing hair products, and discovered future job and schooling opportunities.


To expand her business and workshop potential, Demetria received a $3,000 loan from Accion in 2017. She used this loan to provide her business with working capital and cover the costs associated with developing her hair products, available in local Whole Foods stores.


Demetria wants to hold more frequent and longer workshops starting this summer, ultimately increasing access to skills and opportunities for youth throughout Englewood and Chicago.