A Family Business that Beautifies Communities

Pursuing the Dream

Originally from San Luis Potosi, Mexico, Beatriz Morin Martinez and her husband, Mario, came to the United States in pursuit of a better life for themselves and their family.


After settling in to their life in Gurnee, Mario got a job at a landscaping company where he worked for over 15 years. Meanwhile, Beatriz cared for their three young daughters, Cindy, Perla, and Christina. Beatriz regularly helped Mario, with the girls in tow, when he worked side-jobs landscaping on evenings and weekends.



Beatriz and Mario never imagined opening a business, but after receiving consistently positive reviews, they considered the possibility. “We were inspired by feedback from clients about the quality of work we were doing while working side jobs,” Beatriz said. Their word of mouth referrals continued to grow and eventually they determined that with Mario’s experience and Beatriz’s administrative skills, they could start their own business and create financial independence for their family. In 2008, M&S Landscaping was formed.

Putting Clients First

After launching, their business thrived. Operating on the premise of putting clients first, they created a strong network that at times felt like an extended family. “You can only succeed in this business if you can build strong relationships,” Beatriz remarked.


While Beatriz and Mario have achieved great success over the past 10 years, they’ve also faced some challenges. Their biggest obstacle has been obtaining capital to purchase equipment. Before becoming permanent residents of the United States, they could not easily obtain financing. They had some support from friends and family but decided that they needed to become citizens so they could establish credit and start growing their business.


The Next Chapter

Recently, M&S Landscaping expanded their service offerings to include plowing snow. Beatriz and Mario came to Accion looking for financing to buy a new plow to grow their business during the winter months. Beatriz had heard about Accion six years ago at the General Consulate of Mexico in Chicago. “I got a flyer and never threw it away,” she said.


Working with Community Lender Elvin Rodriguez, they closed their Jumpstart loan with Accion in January 2019. They hope that the new equipment will help them gain more clients and improve the financial stability of the business. In addition, they plan to hire new personnel and provide their employees with the same opportunity that was given to them.



Their daughters, now college graduates and young professionals, say that they’ve learned the meaning of hard work and dedication from their parents. “They saw the sacrifice of what we did daily and used that as motivation for what they wanted to become in life,” said Beatriz.


For more information, or to book Beatriz and Mario to clear your snow or landscape your yard, please email beatrizmorin46@gmail.com. M&S Landscaping is currently serving customers in Northern Cook County and Lake County.