Brunch Cocktails with a Twist

In our 25 years of operation, Accion Serving Illinois and Indiana has made over 5,000 loans, invested $48 million in our neighborhoods, and helped to create over 15,000 jobs. With your help, Accion has provided the capital, coaching, and connections entrepreneurs need to grow. By partnering with entrepreneurs, Accion can offer the most cost-effective way to support underserved communities.


From the beginning, Accion has helped small businesses like Savor & Salt and its founder Luke Taggart. Luke has always been passionate about brunch and Bloody Marys. His passion was so strong that he decided to build a business to bring a modern twist on this classical brunch cocktail. Luke developed a line of Bloody Mary mixes with unique flavors (Asian, Jerk, and Mexican) with an extra kick – a flavored salt blend in a custom salt dish packaged with the bottled mix.



As Luke began to look for financial backing for his business, he learned about Accion in 2015 and approached us about funding for his business. Luke received an $11,000 loan with Accion to help with the costs of developing his unique salt containers and to increase online inventory. In the three years since he received his loan, Luke has had success in expanding his product line into Whole Foods, Mariano’s, and Meijer and will soon be selling his mixes on Amazon. Luke has also increased his distribution in Illinois and into Indiana and Wisconsin.


While Luke continues to grow his business, he has also realized that he needed to change his strategy if he is going to continue to be successful. “As I took a look at my sales data, I saw that certain Bloody Mary mixes were selling better than others and my product packaging was at a price point that made it difficult for restaurants and bars to afford the product,” Luke said. With that data in hand, Luke made the decision to discontinue some flavors and develop a new flavor of Bloody Mary mix – his twist on the Chicago Hotdog. “I’m taking the basic elements – mustard, onion, relish, celery salt, and sport pepper and putting it into the mix,” Luke added. “It will make it a great addition to the product line.”



Another way Luke will be changing his business model is to develop and expand his Bloody Mary salts as a stand-alone product. The new salt flavors will include Dill Pickle, Hot Chicken, Burnt Ends and a Sriracha and Ranch mix. By creating the new line of salt products, Luke hopes to increase the number of restaurant and retail locations carrying his product throughout the Midwest over the next three years with the ultimate goal of nationwide distribution in the next five years.


To assist Accion in helping clients like Savor & Salt and to mark our 25th Anniversary, Accion is asking for you to support entrepreneurs like Luke. It’s our goal to raise $25,000 in gifts from friends like you.


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