Restaurant and Food Industry Loans

Whether you want to open a new restaurant, see your food or beverage sitting on grocery store shelves, or you want to grow an existing food-related business, Accion can provide you with the small business financing your food business needs to thrive.


Accion has been providing small business loans for over 20 years. We specialize in providing affordable financing to entrepreneurs who are working hard to feed themselves and their customers.


Cheryl Smith, owner of Cheryl’s Global Soul Restaurant in Brooklyn, got a small business loan from Accion. She says, “When I needed a loan to start my restaurant and the banks wouldn’t help, Accion believed in my vision and took a chance on me.”


When you need financing to open a new restaurant or update an existing commercial space, it’s more than likely a traditional bank won’t bite. Because restaurants have to invest heavily in equipment and inventory, food businesses are considered risk investments to banks. Regardless, Accion has an appetite for financing foodies.


Accion is a nonprofit organization that provides funds to individuals and small businesses who are making a difference in their local communities. We also provide the support and encouragement you need to prosper, which is why 97% of our clients are still in business a year after receiving their loans. Whether you’re looking for funding for a pizzeria or papuseria, a tavern or a taco stand, we encourage you to learn more or start your application today by clicking “apply now” at the top of the page.


We can provide you with the financial help you need to:
  • Buy or lease equipment
  • Purchase inventory or supplies
  • Rent space or remodel
  • Create and execute a marketing campaign
  • Hire and train staff
  • Secure the licenses and other permits


With an Accion loan, you pay a fair and affordable interest rate with fixed monthly payments, leaving you the cash flow necessary to continue to grow your business.

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Hear What Business Owners Are Saying

“Accion believed in my vision and took a chance on me.”

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