Native American Business Loans

Unfortunately, getting financing for a small business can be difficult, and according to a study released by the Small Business Administration, securing the capital needed to start or grow a small business can be even tougher for minority-owned businesses and minority entrepreneurs.


Accion is a nonprofit with the mission of giving small business owners the financial tools they need to improve their lives and their communities. To accomplish this, Accion provides access a full range of high-quality, affordable financial services.


Whether you’ve set up shop in a local city, neighborhood, or on tribal lands, Accion can help entrepreneurs overcome the unique challenges involved for Native American-owned businesses. That’s what Rosemary Lonewolf found out when she applied to Accion after no one else had been willing to lend to her.


“I needed the materials and the space and no one was willing to give me a loan. If you live on a reservation, it is so difficult. I own my property, but I can’t use it as collateral. The banks won’t lend to us because they can’t repossess the property. There are millions of barriers to getting a loan,” says Lonewolf.


Rosemary received a $20,000 loan to buy the space and equipment she needed to build her pottery business. After paying off the first loan, she got another Accion loan enabling her to grow even more, and she now travels the world lecturing about her art and culture.


If you are a Native American or Alaska Native business owner in need of funding, Accion can provide a loan so you can:
  • Buy or upgrade equipment
  • Buy inventory
  • Secure a commercial space
  • Purchase supplies
  • Remodel
  • Hire staff
  • Market and promote your businesses to attract new clients


If you’re in need of financing to grow or start your business, contact us or apply online through the link above.