Business Loans for People with Disabilities

David J. Hall, a spokesman for The Small Business Administration (SBA) says the SBA used to have a disabled assistance loan program that was funded by Congress, but unfortunately, the program was terminated. A report states that those opposed to the program “believed that these business owners did not face challenges that differed significantly from other small business owners.”


Despite shrinking funding, people with disabilities are almost twice as likely to start a business as non-disabled individuals, according to the U.S. Census. Having your own business can provide you the freedom and flexibility to create a work and financial situation that fits your unique needs.


If you need financing for the start or growth of your business, luckily, there are alternatives for disabled entrepreneurs. Accion is a nonprofit, community organization dedicated to helping small business owners succeed and thrive. We provide fairly priced, flexible loans to a diverse group of entrepreneurs, including the disabled.


If you need financing to take your business to the next level, Accion can help. We believe our clients should have the opportunity to: have an equal chance to succeed, participate fully, have meaningful work, live independently and be self-sufficient.


As you start up and grow, we can help with funds to:
  • Hire staff
  • Configure your workplace
  • Adapt a vehicle
  • Buy assistive technology
  • Be competitive


Accion can provide the financing and the assistance you need to be successful, such as advice on how to pitch your business so that you have more competitive access to contracts. Accion also offers numerous other ways to advance your business, such as support through workshops and online resources.