Shira Greenberg

Keshet Dance Company, Center for the Arts, and Ideas & Innovation Center

Albuquerque, New Mexico


I’ve always been passionate about dance and was involved with community service and children’s programs growing up. As I got into my twenties I thought, “What can I do with my life to integrate all of these different elements?” That’s how Keshet Dance Company was started.


We focused right away on students from low-income areas. We unite professional dancers with the community by reaching kids who are traditionally unable to access the arts due to financial, social and physical barriers. We use dance to change peoples’ lives. We reach 8,500 clients annually through our programs.

We use dance to change peoples’ lives…Accion is part of this community.

When we began our capital campaign in 2011, I went to Accion because I knew of their work and had heard they were loaning to nonprofits. Accion is part of this community. We all know what they do. We support each other. I support the other Accion businesses. We’re all part of the same family.