Pratt & Chris Morales

Golden Crown Panaderia

Albuquerque, New Mexico


My son Christopher and I work together in our bakery, Golden Crown Panaderia. We make a trademark green chile bread and are known for our pastries and biscochito cookies.


In 2004, I was at a crossroads. I had run my business for years without borrowing, but if Chris and I were to realize our plans for purchasing and expanding the bakery’s building, we needed credit to do it. My local banker said I didn’t have enough credit history for a loan, but he sent me to Accion, where they gave me the loan I needed to complete the purchase of our building.


Today, we own our building and are expanding our sales through the internet, shipping a little taste of New Mexico to places as far away as Nigeria and Bulgaria. I think a little bakery like this is an art that should be preserved and shared with future generations.