Monica Dupen

Spa Bella

Denver, Colorado


After years of working with medical spas to help them grow their businesses, I decided to open my own: Spa Bella Medispa. We are a medical aesthetic practice with a spa environment, providing results-oriented treatments specializing in skin care, anti-aging and laser treatments. We put a lot of effort in building the spa to accommodate the treatment rooms and environment we needed, after which we needed to equip the spa with state-of-the-art lasers and equipment. Banks didn’t want to lend to us because we hadn’t owned this specific type of business before and we were not doctor owned.

Accion can see things that banks can’t.

I heard about Accion from a good friend in our daughter’s schoolyard. Accion heard our vision and understood it. The equipment loans we received meant we could offer more services, which made us more full-service early on. The impact on our business has been tremendous. We would have grown much more slowly without it. Accion can see things that banks can’t.