Moctar Yara

Yara Fabrics

New York, New York


I started selling fabric as a street vendor in 1992. In 1998 we opened a retail store. When the company we bought fabric from closed, I saw it as an opportunity for me to do wholesale. I sell African fabrics to stores and designers. They’re special because many are handmade by different families or villages, and no two pieces are the same. I grew up in Mali and I go back there to purchase fabric.


I went to a small business seminar and learned about Accion. It was a year before I was ready to ask for a loan, but they kept in touch. When I did apply, they worked hard to help me. We have a great connection. I really like Accion’s customer service. Being in business, that’s what I pay attention to and do everyday, so when somebody gives me better service, I know how hard they’re working.