Michelle Matta ‰

A Turtle Loves Me

Gainesville, Texas


I was really nervous about starting my own promotional materials company, but I’d worked in the field already and been very successful. My husband said, “Why not do that for yourself?” We were about to become empty nesters and it seemed like a good time to try. I knew with my husband’s support, I could do anything.


I’ve been in business seven years now, and last year we grossed over $1 million. We handle all kinds of promotional items: clothing, backpacks, water bottles, hats, pens, you name it. My husband quit his job and works with me. We work really long hours, but we love it.

I think this year will be our biggest yet.

Six months into my business, I needed to buy an embroidery machine. The banks said no, but Accion said yes. Since then I’ve taken out five loans from Accion for equipment, payroll and storage. I think this year will be our biggest year yet.