Marko Pavlinovic

Mangia Mangia Food Truck & Deli

San Diego, California


After I lost my job as a waiter, I saw a food truck and thought, “Why couldn’t I do something like that?” I rented a truck, spray painted it blue, and started Mangia Mangia in 2010 with a chunk of my own change. Two years later, I went to Accion for a loan to buy the truck. Other food truck owners use Accion, and they told me, “Just to go to the best.”

I’m not a chef. I learned to cook from my mother growing up in Italy. Now I’m here, trying to make a living in the land of opportunity.

When I was featured on “Eat Street” on the Cooking Channel, business took off. Now Mangia Mangia includes catering and a take-out storefront. When I started, I was making lasagna out of my home kitchen, and now my industrial oven can cook 300 servings of lasagna in an hour.