Katie McCarthy

Stop Shop and Roll

San Diego, California


Katie McCarthy is a trendsetter. One year ago, she launched Stop Shop and Roll, the first mobile business of its kind in San Diego, selling fashionable and affordable women’s clothing out of her truck in pop-up locations throughout the city.


After working at Nordstrom for 11 years, Katie wanted to do more with her passions and expertise. While she couldn’t make clothes, she knew she could sell them. “Fashion and working with people was my niche,” Katie says.


Stop Shop and Roll became an instant hit. Katie parked her truck at farmer’s markets, private parties, and festivals. “It’s an intimate setting, which enabled me to meet a lot of people in the community,” she says. Through her connections in the fashion industry, Katie enlisted the help of local designers to source a wide array of clothing and accessories.

Katie expanded her business and created jobs in her community.

Thanks to Accion’s partnership with The Hartford, Katie expanded her business and created jobs in her local community. To help meet increasing demand, Katie qualified for a business loan to open her first storefront location and purchase new merchandise. The loan also helped her hire two part-time workers to help run the shop, purchase a point-of-sale system to track inventory, and secure a new awning for her truck and store.


With additional capacity, Katie now works with 15-to-20 local vendors to supply her business. Rather than the 30 she expected to attend her grand opening, over 100, including local entrepreneurs. By having both a mobile and storefront business, Katie says, “It has opened my network of people at a faster rate. It has helped create a family.”