Gary Cook

Alectrona Group

Chicago, Illinois


I’m a mechanical engineer and I’ve spent my career in corporate consulting with large companies. I started my own business, the Alectrona Group, because I wanted to make a difference for charities doing international humanitarian work. These groups are way behind the times. I’ve been supplying portable solar power equipment to medical groups that go to Honduras and the Philippines. I’ve also been working on a lightweight, collapsible backpack with a spigot that will let people in Africa carry clean water. Everything I sell is ready to go out of the package, no assembly or instructions required.

Accion gave me two loans for working capital.

Accion gave me two loans for working capital when I needed seed money to start my business. I want to educate people about solar power and get solar tech into missions and development charities. I’m an old guy, life’s been good to me. I have the time and the desire to give back.