Edward and Waldeen Ashford

Ed‰’s Smok-N-Q BBQ

San Antonio, Texas


Barbecuing was always a passion for me. I’m a retired veteran with more than thirty years in the service, and my wife Waldeen and I decided to use our retirement money to finance a barbeque trailer. We took out permits and bought generators, and finally in 2007, we opened that trailer and served brisket, ribs and turkey legs. Business got so good that our children began working with us and we had a true family business. It was time to move to a storefront.


We found Accion and received a loan to make the move, and now Ed’s Smok-N-Q BBQ serves between 70 and 160 customers daily. Besides paying our children salaries, we’ve been able to hire two more employees to meet demand. Next up for us is a bigger restaurant. And then I want to hand over the business to my boys and spend more time with my grandkids.