Cherie Austin

Farm and Table

Albuquerque, New Mexico


Farm and Table restaurant sits on a 1.5 acre working farm that grows many of the ingredients we serve. The rest come from 40 local vendors. I direct the menu, buying local cheeses and meats. We’ve been open six months and it’s already hard to get a reservation for dinner.


When I looked for funding I was confident about the sustainability of my concept, but the banks turned me down because I had no money coming in. I thought, “How are you supposed to open a business? Do you have to be rich?”

Accion stuck by me.

Finally a bank referred me to Accion. I talked to a loan officer that same day. When I left I thought, “This could be it.” We had to look at so many ways to structure the loan to make it work. It would have been so easy for Accion to walk away, but they stuck by me.