Glenroy “Chef Shrimpy” Burke

The Jerk Cafe

Cape Cod, Massachusetts


When Glenroy Burke, or “Chef Shrimpy” as he likes to be called, cooks, two things are never far from his mind: His mother, and his home country of Jamaica. Both have left an indelible impression that now fuels his drive and passion to dream big. “I never saw the need for what I wanted to do until I was 11 and I saw my mother crying because she didn’t have enough food for us,”Glenroy says. “That was the moment that really hit me.”


His mother’s inspiration guided him when he opened the Jerk Café in 2008. Glenroy patiently built the business, never forgetting his mother’s advice: “One by one, pennies fill a bucket.”


With the help of an Accion loan, Glenroy was able to repaint the business, buy equipment including a new fridge, and expand his menu offerings.

Knowing that I am partners with Accion down the road feels good.

“Knowing that I am partners with Accion down the road feels good,” Glenroy says. “I know that once I pay this off, I want to move up and can work with you again.”


Glenroy hopes he can be an inspiration for kids by sending a message that where you want to go is more important than where you started. “The sweetest part about it is that my mother who never had enough meat to put on her plate can now heat enough food from my success in the same kitchen that she was crying in,” Glenroy says.