I was working at a bakery and had ideas about how to make it more successful, but the owner wasn’t interested. It became my dream to take what I’d learned and open my own business to help my family and community. My dream came true because I made a plan and didn’t give up.

When I started creating my business in 2004, I had no money and no credit. Accion helped with a loan to launch the bakery. It was the best thing I could imagine. They helped me with business development and strategies, too. Now I have 16 employees and my own line of jellies and sauces, which I distribute in other markets as well. And my bakery seats 100 people.

Accion doesn’t just give you money—they help you survive. I tell people, “If you want it, you can do it. Accion and America help dreams come true.”

Success Story Subtitle: 
“Accion Helps Dreams Come True”

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