There isn’t a manual for starting your own business. When I decided to open my cosmetics company, I had to learn about skincare, cosmetic chemistry, and what natural ingredients could do for the skin. I sold one of my homes to raise capital to get started and created Sahara with a line of seven products. Now I’m supporting myself with my business. It’s so great when people say, “Your skin care makes a difference…my skin feels so good!” I love what I do, and it’s fantastic to be where I am right now.  

I found Accion at a networking event in Albuquerque. Over the years since then I have taken courses with Accion that have been absolutely invaluable. I was thrilled to receive a loan from them. It allowed me to research formulas for advanced anti-aging products. It takes a village to raise a business. You cannot do it alone. 

Success Story Subtitle: 
“It takes a village to raise a business”

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