I have a day job, but I also have book donation zones throughout Boston, and once a month I collect all the books, bring them back to my apartment, sort them, and sell as many as I can as a bulk seller on Amazon. The profit margin is very modest, but I do make a profit because the books are donated and there’s no overhead except for my bins, which I bought with a loan from Accion. 

When I was looking for a loan, every bank I talked to just showed me the door. They said I only needed a “micro loan.” Then I found Accion. I didn’t think I would qualify, but I did, and the loan process moved fast – within a month I had my loan. Working with Accion is pretty cool. They even call and ask how things are going. You don’t get that with a bank.

Success Story Subtitle: 
“I didn’t think I would qualify, but I did”

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