In 2008 I started Sweb Development as a web development company. I handled business development and I hired a web designer by the hour. The economic crash that year took a toll on us, but the following spring we began doing iOS mobile app development and that was the real catalyst for our growth. We were innovative, and we got national media coverage that catapulted our growth overnight. Clients started coming in for the app development and wanted to see what else we could do. The rest is history.

I have a 14-person team now that alongside me have grown the business to what it is today. My team is everything to me. My project managers, developers and designers have the discretion to find the newest, fastest innovations and add them on—whatever it takes to achieve the wow factor.

Accion has been an amazing partner. They helped me get off the ground with a $50,000 loan for hiring the people I needed.

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Accion Has Been an Amazing Partner

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