My life and business partner David had been in the hair industry for 23 years; my background is in PR and marketing. When we wanted to open a salon together, we went to six financial institutions for a loan but they all said no, because most salons fail in the first two years and I didn’t have enough background in the industry. In 2002, we found Accion and received funding to start open the business. Accion was supportive and encouraging. They believed in our vision and the story on how we could be a great success.

We started with just David and a colorist. I brought in furniture and photographs from my own home to decorate the salon. And we’ve grown every year since. We own two salons now, and things are going so well that I was able to fulfill my dream of opening a home décor retail store. We employ 43 people altogether.  It's wonderful what happens when you have the appropriate positive support. Cheers to Accion! 

Success Story Subtitle: 
“Accion Was Supportive and Encouraging”

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