When my daughter was young, I put my training in fashion design and tailoring to use and worked as a tailor at home. As my business grew, my husband and I bought a small store front nearby, because you’re really limited when you work at home. The store helped me gain the respect of my customers, and the business grew quickly after that. We now employ four people. 

When I needed more machines and racks to accommodate a larger customer base, I went to Accion. With a loan from them, I was able to buy more specialized machines. We use them constantly now, and it has cut down on our time and allowed us to serve more customers. Last year, we moved into a larger store and expanded our services. People come to us because we are the best in town. I am very proud of our standard of quality. 

Success Story Subtitle: 
“When I needed more equipment, I went to Accion”

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