We always dreamed of opening our own child care center, but as we making plans our state was hit by the recession. Accion gave us our first loan to start our center, which we called It’s a Fun World. The center has thrived since even with the economy in bad shape.

We’re coming up on our five-year anniversary, and It’s a Fun World is providing jobs for five people and child care for 40 families. We know that not only are we supporting our own family through our business, we’re bringing a needed service to the community that makes it possible for other parents to work and earn an income.  

Accion provided part of the funding we needed for starting our own child care center, but also provided guidance and support we did not expect to get. This gave us hope that our dreams could come true, and they did.

Success Story Subtitle: 
“Accion Provided Guidance and Support”

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