Prior to starting Bullets to Bandages with my partner, I had never had a job outside of the military. We started this business out of our living room. We make trench art, like a bottle opener made out of a 50-caliber bullet. We wanted to take instruments of war and transform them into symbols of pride, gratitude, and healing. We have a lot of partnerships with veterans organizations and donate a percentage of our profit to them to give back.

We wanted to take instruments of war and transform them into symbols of pride, gratitude, and healing

We were turned down by a multitude of banks because we weren’t in business long enough or our revenue wasn’t at the right level….every excuse that was out there to deny us money, we heard.  It became clear that we needed to team up with Accion when a lack of resources was preventing us from growing. Accion is impacting the job market by providing loans that help us create jobs.

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“We needed to team up with Accion”

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