I had a dream of opening my own restaurant. I was a good cook, but I knew that restaurants have a high failure rate. So I worked my way up through numerous kitchens, and worked in other kitchens on my days off for free to expand my knowledge of other ethnic cuisines, gain experience, and learn how to run my own place. When I was ready to go on my own, I kept my ear to the ground and opened my restaurant in a neighborhood of Brooklyn that had a lot of development coming up.

Accion believed in my vision and took a chance on me.

My forecasting paid off. It’s been eight years and Cheryl’s Global Soul is a local staple. We serve a mix of celebrities and neighborhood regulars and the lines for my brunch stretch around the block. I serve whole and wholesome food with a global flavor.

When I needed a loan to start my restaurant and the banks wouldn’t help, Accion believed in my vision and took a chance on me.

Success Story Subtitle: 
"Accion Believed In Me"

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