Bertha Cerda has been selling goods since she was 14 years old. It was only natural that as an adult she would start her own business.

She started Beta Crafts—a stall in Denver’s flea market that sells artisan crafts from her native country of Ecuador. She also sells flowers seasonally, runs a water and sanitation nonprofit benefitting rural Ecuador, and is a full-time master’s student. Soon after opening, Bertha looked for ways to grow her business. “It was because of Accion’s loans that I’ve been able to buy more inventory,” she says. An experienced florist, she would like to open a floral store next with the help of Accion. 

“Once the tree grows,” Bertha says, “it can give fruit. Fruit not only for me, but also for other people.”

Success Story Subtitle: 
“Accion Helped Me Buy More Inventory”

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