I lost my mother at the age of fourteen and was left to take care of my sister while our father worked.  I became the first in my family to obtain a college education, earning a degree in physical education. When we came to the U.S. from Cuba, I worked long night shifts at a liquor store to save money, thinking of ways to combine my degree with my Spanish-speaking skills. In my community I saw a need: I opened D&D Rehab Center to provide occupational, speech and physical therapy to Spanish-speaking children with special needs.

Soon after opening the doors, I was receiving more requests than I could accommodate. Accion provided me with a $10,000 business expansion loan to hire more specialists and offer care to more children.

Today we employ twenty-one people. The reaction on parents’ faces when they see their children’s advancement is what drives me forward.

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"Accion Provided Me With an Expansion Loan"

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