If you're interested in applying for an Accion loan, be sure to read the list below. It can help you determine if Accion is a good fit for you. Questions? feel free to give us a call before starting your application.

To qualify for an Accion loan, you'll need to:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Be current with all accounts for the last six months
  • Not have collections or write offs in the last six months
  • Not have any outstanding tax liens or be delinquent on child support
  • Not have any foreclosures or repossessions within the last year
  • Not have any active bankruptcies, bankruptcy discharges within last six months, or Chapter 7 bankruptcies in past year
  • Be able to provide collateral and equity for the loan
  • Provide proof of business
  • Have a secondary source of income if your business is a startup
  • Not be in the adult entertainment industry


If you don’t meet these basic requirements, we encourage you to check back after you've had a chance to strengthen your application.