Accion is proud to be Samuel Adams’ program partner for the company’s signature philanthropic initiative: Brewing the American Dream.

Sam Adams believes that if an entrepreneur has the guts, drive and perseverance to follow their own path, access to resources shouldn’t be what stands in the way. That’s why the company created Brewing the American Dream in 2008 and asked Accion to be the program’s lending partner. Together, Sam Adams and Accion provide loans, coaching and networks to passionate entrepreneurs pursuing their craft and the American dream of running their own business.

Limited Release: Brewing the American Dream Collaboration Pack

This summer, Accion is excited to announce a first ever collaboration between Accion brewery clients and Samuel Adams: The Brewing the American Dream Collaboration Pack. Featuring beers from five craft brewers from around the country - all Accion clients - the Pack is proof of how far a small loan and the right resources can take an entrepreneur in pursuit of their American dream.

To celebrate the passion and collaborative spirit core to the craft brewing industry, Sam Adams and the featured brewers are donating 100% of the profits from the sales of the Pack back to Accion to support food and beverage entrepreneurs across America.

The generosity of Sam Adams and the featured brewers means more entrepreneurs can bake, roast, whip and brew the food and drinks that make our communities great. Find a Collaboration Pack near you!

Meet the folks behind the beer!

Jim Woods, owner of Woods Beer Company in San Francisco, received his Accion loan in 2011. Our loan from the program helped us build a brewpub and four tasting rooms, and pursue more innovative collaborations like this one,” said Jim Woods. “That creative, supportive spirit is the best part of this industry.”
Chris Spinelli, owner of Roc Brewing Company in Rochester, received his Accion loan in 2011. “Over the past 6 years with the help of Brewing the American Dream we took our business from a home brew hobby to a fast-paced brewery with 4 full-time employees and 8 part-time employees,” said Chris Spinelli.
Gabe Jensen and Kevin Jameson, co-owners of Bosque Brewing Company in Albuquerque, received their Accion loan in 2012. "Nearly five years ago, we set out to provide great jobs and be an integral part of the craft beer community we love.” said Gabe Jensen. “We currently have 90 co-workers that we are thrilled to be both learning from and growing with as a company -this is what inspires us.”
Rick Abitbol, owner of Brewery Rickoli in Denver, received his Accion loan in 2012. “The best advice we’ve gotten has been from our friends at Sam Adams!”, said Rick Abitbol. “If we hadn’t gotten our loan, we wouldn’t have been able to open our doors.”
Grant Fraley, co-owner of ChuckAlek Independent Brewers, received his Accion loans in 2013 and 2015. “We were at a cross roads with our brewery when we met with Jim Koch, and after our conversations we knew exactly where to take the business,” Grant Fraley.  “When we opened our second location in 2016 we saw over 300% growth in revenue.”

More about Brewing the American Dream

As Brewing the American Dream’s program partner, Accion has provided over 1,300 loans totaling nearly $18 million and helped 1,000 of the most passionate food and beverage entrepreneurs across the country support over 5,300 jobs and counting.

We’ve worked behind the scenes on speed coaching, pitch room competitions, webinars and more – uniting our expertise with the passion and business knowhow of Sam Adams employees to offer a one-of-a-kind suite of programs and services that sets businesses up for success.


“The loan was a huge boost for Top Shelf Cookies. The mentoring has been so valuable; in a lot of ways more so than the money, because I’m only one person…Just getting the idea of where to start puts me in a better place.” – Heather Yunger, owner of Top Shelf Cookies in Boston


“I’m featured on the BTAD website and have collaborated with Sam Adams on several promotions…That’s an amazing step forward to an entrepreneur like me!” – Alberto Boleres of 606 Coffee Roasters in Chicago 


The Program offers the following support to food and beverage businesses:



Getting a loan is one of the hardest parts of turning an idea into an American Dream. Accion offers loan products perfect for small food and beverage businesses, and we partner with borrowers every step of the way, from buying equipment to hiring staff to opening a new location. Click here to get started, and to unlock access to the full suite of Brewing The American Dream programs. 

Speed Coaching:

Accion loan consultants team up with business experts including lawyers, accountants, marketers, and Samuel Adams staff to provide in-person, free advice in communities across the country. Learn more!

Pitch Room Competition:

Entrepreneurs with packaged food or beverage products pitch to a panel of expert judges, sometimes including Jim Koch himself! Winners receive a $10,000 business grant and extended mentoring from Samuel Adams. Learn more

Individual Mentoring:

Accion food and beverage clients can connect for a one-time phone mentoring session with Samuel Adams staff to get advice on anything from marketing to procurement. Ask your loan officer how to apply!

Quarterly Webinars:

Sam Adams employees and food and beverage industry experts lead free quarterly webinars on topics including food labeling, design, and social media. 

Promotional Opportunities:

Accion food and beverage clients are featured on Samuel Adams’ website and considered for other valuable promotional opportunities. 

Online Resources:

Accion’s Business Resource Library features educational articles and tips every small business owner should know.    

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