I have several years of experience in the waste industry, and I had built and sold other waste disposal companies in the past. My sisters asked if wanted to team up with them to start another company. Rachel has a background in accounting, and Deborah’s is in information technology. We’re a dream team. It’s an important partnership, and we know that we can trust each other.

Our company provides waste and recycling collection for the areas surrounding San Antonio. We strive to set ourselves apart from the competition by providing better service and by offering services that other local companies do not. We began operations in July 2012 and have continued to grow steadily since then.

Our bank referred us to Adrian at Accion. I had also heard about Accion through radio commercials.  Adrian supported our vision and guided us through the loan process so that we could get the funds to begin our business. We hope to use Accion again to help fund our next level of growth.

Success Story Subtitle: 
“Accion supported us”


En sólo 15 minutos, podría unirse a los miles de otros propietarios de pequeñas empresas quienes realizaron sus sueños con Acción.